“Yeah, but what do you DO?”

I know I don’t post that often, but I had to write about this.

“So what is it you actually do?”

This is a question I am used to hearing on a regular basis. I hear it from people I network with, from employers and from friends who want to know what the flip “Education and Student Experience Adviser” means. I avoid going over the particulars of my position not out of embarrassment for my job but for fear of boring the socks off someone who just came over to be nice. I could stand and talk about my job all day. I am shamelessly enthusiastic about it and  I am such a keen bean that being the loud person I am I could drone on and on at someone for ages. Unfortunately being short, succinct and to the point is not one of my strong points.

First of all my role is a mouthful. It’s easier saying “I work in Education and Student Experience”…or is it? A second of all I work in a situation where I can make my own projects.

For anyone interested I was originally tasked with running the Management School’s buddy scheme running from September to November. I had to assign over 200 new students to 20 buddies whose job it was to create an additional network of support for the students, be that pastoral or academic. Imagine the admin that involved because I shant bore you with it.

I have been able to make my own projects to busy myself with. Ranging from work with schools, conducting focus groups, setting up meetings with people internally, setting up meetings with people externally (name drop : Deloitte) I analyse qualitative data, I collate data, I analyse spreadsheets (SO MANY PIE CHARTS), I summarise and report on a range of things going on around the University. The list goes on. I have my fingers in many pies.

Mainly I liaise with staff and students to determine initiatives that will help improve the Management School and help implement them wherever possible. Wow. So I can do it.


Author: eemaa27

Blogging and reflecting to keep my writing skills in tune

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