Unpaid internships&Job search

As I am embarking on my job search once again, I find myself filled with dread. I would like a full time, permanent job in the Southampton/ Hampshire area. Within education (non-teaching), HR or the third sector. These are a rarity. And when I do find something it is so way above my head, I just don’t have the experience to do it (woah is me, being so young) It’s funny, even though I read careers advice every day. I go along to careers events and career panels etc

Anyway, seeing as I am looking for work soon I find myself being drawn in by employment related news even more than I usually am. Unpaid internships are being debated in parliament  http://ow.ly/iklk4

I have seen a lot in the news recently about unpaid internships and how they shouldn’t be allowed. Being a paid intern I feel bad that some people are out there doing the work that I get paid to do. In a lovely fluffy world where money doesn’t exist I would do my job for free. But seeing as moving back home is not an option for me and I have to support myself then unpaid work is just not an option I have. I wonder where most of the unpaid work is, if it’s in London then you have no chance of being able to support yourself on no wage.

I wonder whether unpaid work is actually making people more reliant on partners, parents, loans etc. I have no idea how prominent this is but it would be interesting to know.

This article tells you all you need to know about whether or not unpaid internships are worth it: http://ow.ly/iklfz

Any unpaid workers out there! Let me know! Is it really all that bad?


Author: eemaa27

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