Recording hate crimes against groups such as goths and punks.

Totally not about my internship but:

Just a quick blog to acknowledge the move to record hate crimes against groups such as moshers, goths, punks and metallers. This has come about 6 years after a girl was killed when attacked by people because she was a goth. She was in the park with her partner and some other people and some people decided to act out because she was different. I found this story to be incredibly sad. I was just growing out of the phase of dressing in dark clothing, listening to rock/metal and being mad or sad at the world in 2007 but I know what it is like to have been shouted at and made fun of for dressing differently. There were a couple of minor instances where people lashed out at me as well (not that I didn’t fight them off). This is nothing in comparison to being killed for looking different but I am glad to see there is SOME action being taken to tackle this issue.

Lifetsyle and dress codes are a choice and in a society where we are free in our ability to express ourselves why shouldn’t we? I find it bizarre that there are people who take it upon themselves to abuse people either verbally or physically because they stand out from a crowd. BBC news acknowledged that some people are scared to come forward and speak out against these idiots who have nothing better to do with their time than be violent and ugly towards people they don’t understand. And I think this points to a lack of trust in the police from the victims and a lack of respect for the police from the perpetrators. The people who do these things see little or no consequence for their actions so what is the point in reporting it? I think the problem is also different for different people, for example some people wouldn’t dream of starting on a punk or metal head because they look scary whereas moshers or emo kids might “attract trouble” because they just look like moody teenagers. Just like there  is a difference (duh!) between inciting hate by shouting abuse at someone and kicking someone to a pulp in senseless violence.

I know the entire goth/mosher/rocker/metaller community will probably disagree with me but I somehow knew that I would grow out of the phase I went through. When I went into the world of University and being an adult social groups and subcultures no longer mattered among people who are thrown into a melting pot. Some people still cling onto the “metal head” identity and will carry the whole image with them most of their lives, but I think I just stopped being angry at the world and so got rid of the Slipknot hoody I lived in, didn’t put on quite as much eye liner and became more open minded about the music I listen to. Completely invite comment and debate on this.

Furthermore (to stick a spanner in the works) SLAYER!! And gutted!! My chemical romance broke up.


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