The job interview

Unfortunately my role I have at the moment is temporary(something I will blog about at a later time) and so I have to start on the job search as quickly as possible (“fail to prepare, you prepare to fail”) and I cannot afford to be complaisant. So…

I had a job interview after having not had one since my interview for my current role. I won’t name the company but it was for a role supporting recruitment consultants. The interview lasted an hour and a half and I was sat in front of 2 members of staff who were really friendly. I had done some preparation for the interview:

– Highlighted my CV and annotated where it applied to the role

– Highlighted the job advert and annotated with why I thought I fit it and why I am interested

– Read the job description and highlighted and annotated with my relevant experience and skills.

Now, usually my main problems in interviews is being concise. I tend to ramble on and on and the poor people trying to take notes just look bewildered. I tried to reign that in this time, which I managed…slightly. My main stumbling block was using proper, applicable examples of the skills they were asking for. For example they asked me to give a specific example of when I had worked in a team and how I had over come problems within it. I spoke generally about my experience from my previous job but they insisted on an example from my current role. I had to scrabble around trying to think of a specific time.

They also asked me for an example of when I had helped create loyalty, again I referred to a time in my old job working in a retailer. They seemed slightly more satisfied as I recalled times where I had given great customer service which meant customers asked for me when they came in…

*BIG TIP* be ready and armed with specific examples of where you have demonstrated the skills they mention in the job advert. Go down the job description or role specification and think of stories that you can draw on of when you have demonstrated that skill. Also, I went for the interview at 10am before a full working day and I am now super tired! So take that into account when looking at when to interview.

I relied on selling myself because selling was what I would be doing as part of my role and it may not have worked. The use of examples is being requested by employers more and more so be ready and be specific!


Author: eemaa27

Blogging and reflecting to keep my writing skills in tune

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