The internet ; friend or foe when looking for a job?

OK, So I will eventually stop blogging about careers related things, it’s just what I have written has generated a lot of interest and some positive comments. This will (probably, maybe) be the last one I write about job seeking, because let’s face it I have to get on with my own work and job seeking!

It’s sort of assumed by most people that the internet is an amazing portal with which one can find a job at the click of a button. But from my own experience I have found that there are a lot of time wasters out there… seriously. You apply for what you think is a  job and you then get a call a couple of days later from a recruitment company offering to train you up for said position… this is not what I asked for. And of course this training isn’t free! It’s £300+ and you can do it all online (I’m sorry, how can you train to be a teaching assistant without a classroom?) So here are a few things to bare in mind when you receive those oh so helpful sounding calls:

1. You thought you applied for a job. They haven’t done what they said on their tin – not a good start. So really really consider whether the training they are offering is worth it. If you wanted training, you would have searched for it.

2. Things can be deceiving. They say they can train you up and guarantee you a job but often the training they offer isn’t even sought after by the employers you are targeting.

3. Graduates! Seriously think before investing even a couple of hundred pounds in further training, often a degree is impressive so why should you have to dip your hand in your pocket so soon after graduating?

4.  A lot of jobs offer on the job training which costs them, not you. If an employer wants to get you up to scratch they will invest the time and money in it – you shouldn’t have to.

5. DO NOT be afraid to turn people down. These people act all disappointed and upset with you, but you haven’t done anything wrong. Make sure you’re polite if you decline services from them. Believe me I have had to bite my tongue on more than one occasion. It’s tricky but doable.

But hey, it’s all down to experience and judgement in the end. I have come across people calling me offering me training when I thought I’d applied for a job more than once in both sets of job searches I have done. I have politely said no, and am no worse off for it.

Another pet peeve is those companies that send you email after email over and over, sometimes twice, three time in a day! And hey, then there are people like me, sharing information like this. Sounding like they have the slightest idea what they’re doing! Annoying huh?

My intention may be to post a list of helpful people or sites for people to follow on Twitter – if people reading this would find that useful? Let me know!


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