That pesky lack of a 2:1 degree

Unfortunately, I didn’t quite make the cut to get a 2:1 in my degree. I’m not exactly forthcoming with that information. To myself, and to many others this is basically like failing (although not technically). The 2:1 degree is a bench mark used by almost all employers at I have come across. It is a means of separating the wheat from the chaff and ensuring at least some kind of cut off on the amount of people who apply for certain positions. This is, in some ways fair and in others not.

A degree certainly has it’s benefits especially if it contains a dissertation as it gives you an abundance of skills. But I don’t ever have to call on my dissertation topic unless I have an interview for a teaching assistant job.

Grade inflation means that soon a masters degree could be the bench mark for many companies. It is a sad opinion of mine that degrees are no longer special (but hey, who am I to talk – I took Sociology!*) The Tony Blair ideology of sending everyone to University still exists. The pressure on schools to get everyone to go to University certainly exists.

My dream of becoming a teacher is squashed by the lack of a decent degree classification and the lack of funds. But all I need is for someone to give me the chance to prove I am determined and capable. I have to now casually reassess my life and decide where on earth I go from here. From the plucky intern to…what? Another internship? Keep on internship hopping? That isn’t a stable job choice and so far has not presented any amiable career prospects either.

So what hope is there for those of us who don’t quite meet society’s perceived level of attainment and awesomeness?

I know of plenty of people who are extremely intelligent who have chosen NOT to go to University, they are training in a field they love and earning money at the same time (although they haven’t escaped the dreaded EXAMS) So if there is a chance for you like that – take it! Don’t be bullied into University. You could step straight into a job which leads to a career. You are not a failure if you don’t go!

But what about all those in my shoes? I just don’t know. I thought more experience would help me out – a year’s retail management under my belt, I thought that would act as a key some how. Perhaps I am expecting too much after so little time? (I mean, a year is no time surely?) I think it all boils down to a mentality many graduates/students have. That some how having a degree = a job. I am afraid, you have been reliably MISinformed by your teachers, heads of sixth form or college head honcho, society.

BUT! There is light at the end of the tunnel! This idea that Uni = job is spooned by this idea that when you leave University you must step into something IMMEDIATELY that is of worth and that counts towards your career prospects. But it simply isn’t true. And in the fragile world of work we live in, many jobs aren’t permanent. We leave University, most of us. In early 20s expected to know where we’re going in life. But it’s simply not possible. Someone do a docterate in developing a crystal ball! That way we’d all be out of our misery.

To finish this, I leave you with a song I am currently somewhat addicted to which nicely sums up how we seem to want everything, in certainty RIGHT NOW. I know I do. “If there’s a future we want it – now!”

Click the link:

*Note, I took Sociology with the intention of using that degree to do a post grad certificate in education to become a Social Sciences teacher – DREAM BIG!


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