The difference between School boy errors and nailing that job application

When students and graduates apply for jobs many of them think that their degree will speak volumes for them and that they won’t have to add any weight to their application. Many of them use the scatter gun approach and rely on generic job websites to make their CV searchable. Some click “apply all” and wait for the jobs to come rolling in to them. But trust me the person looking at your CV will know if you have just generally sent out CVs or whether you have tailored yours to the position they have advertised.

The following points are some which many of you will go “WELL DUH!” to but you will be surprised how many people think they know what their doing and manage to miss these common sense tips.

Generally listing your skills or making sweeping statements such as “I feel I have the skills necessary for this role” doesn’t tell the recruiter much. Make sure you tell them what skills you have and how they apply to the role you’re applying for “I feel my team leadership skills I developed over my time at (x shop) make me an ideal candidate for (x position) because…” 

– Some people expect their cover letter to pick up the pieces your CV doesn’t. This doesn’t always work. A recruiter should not have to flick between the two to build up a significant picture of who you are as a potential employee. Your cover letter can act as an introduction to your CV. 

Don’t lie!! Seriously, it’s so annoying! And it will come out in interview. Blagging in interview is often a given but don’t sit there and spin a yarn because it will show sooner or later! Imagine how guilty and incapable you’d feel if you accepted a job you know you’re not up for doing. Most recruiters can tell if you’re making things up on the spot. 

– Work experience section – great there’s the company you worked for, the job title you had, buuuut detail? Make sure you at least bullet point your responsibilities and/or skills gained from that work experience. Being an accounts manager at something and something accountants sounds good but doesn’t mean anything on it’s own! 

– Equally do not put hyperlinks in place of information about work experience – they serve no purpose. All they do is make it easier to put that CV in the “no” pile because the recruiter has to do more digging to find out about you. They might tell the recruiter about the company you worked for, but not about your aptitudes while working for them. 

I may add to this list later, let me know what you think 🙂 



Author: eemaa27

Blogging and reflecting to keep my writing skills in tune

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