Southampton Semi-Finalists Announced

Little old me in the final category. Good luck to everyone involved!! 😀

Venus Awards

The semi-finalists for the NatWest Venus Awards Southampton have been announced, with over a 1000 nominations this year each semi-finalist should be very proud.

The semi-finalists are as follows:

Condor Lifetime Achievement Award

Roberta Jerram – Giant Potential

Tina Wellman-Hawke – Dave Wellman Cancer Trust

Julia Prior – Blake Lapthorn

Debra Kruit – Coco Rio Restaurant

Jenny Warner – Charisma Recruitment

DynoRod Inspirational Woman Award

Emma Sheldon – Choice in Care

Natasha Jones – Baby Resuscitation

Chrsitine Tebano – Parents Support Link

Cori Withell – CW Fitness

Tine Wellman-Hawke – Dave Wellman Caner Trust

Giant Potential Networker of the Year

Cheryl Rickman – WIBBLE

Val Down – Act-on Business Solutions

Louise Drake – Southampton Solent University

Sue Pell – S P Office Services

Jayne Freemantle – The Gift Basket

T W Metals High Achiever Award

Claire Mattinson – Steps to Wellbeing

Hannah Payne – Hampshire County Council

Dee Russell –…

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