Networking and The Nature of an Online presence part 1

I am doing this in two parts, because part of this is work related and part of this is a liiiittle bit more rant like.

OK, So far these past couple of weeks I have been spamming Linked in, Facebook and Twitter (as well as emailing colleagues) as part of a campaign to get people voting for me in a Business Awards (see previous blog) I don’t normally do the whole self promotion thing unless I am going for a job and to be honest to begin with I was reluctant to throw myself into it and wasn’t going to ask people to vote at all. But on advice from my manager, I decided to make the most of the opportunity and see what I can get out of it.

So far people have rallied around me and posted Facebook statuses and got their colleagues to vote which is great. It was lovely to see so many of my old colleagues, who I messaged about it, vote for me as well. Really positive, confidence boosting stuff.

To some of my friends I am the one that dominates their Facebook and Linked in News feeds and to students I am usually that annoying one who posts on the Southampton Uni Management School Employability Page on Facebook and Twitter ( and @SotonManEmploy on Twitter) which resigns me straaaight into the spam file for some. Imagine their horror when I take to Social Networking sites to promote this award nomination!

But I think keeping a decent online presence is important, if you have the time. It’s a means of reaching people without knocking on doors and leafleting (hey it’s paperless – I’m eco-friendly right?)

And it’s a means of sharing info. I love sharing things with people be that employability news or a picture/video that will brighten someone’s day. However it’s hard for me to see where this leads to. Getting people to click a link to vote for me is all very well and good (and I hope they have clicked because I deserve it!) but does how many people follow you/friend you = success? And how much distaste do people feel if you unfriend/unfollow? Social media can often feel like you’re shouting into a black hole. I came across this article about improving social media engagement for anyone who would like to read it:

I never imagined working with students would be such a challenge but engagement is something I am always looking to improve. If anyone out there has any pearls of wisdom – especially students! I would love to hear them.


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