Campaigning for causes while doing your degree. Adding value?

I was contacted recently to recall a campaign I had run whilst I was a student. My University peers may or may not have been aware of this campaign but those who did supported me and saw me take this issue on to the agenda of local council meetings. This recollection got me thinking about the value campaigns like this can add to a degree. Unfortunately, I’m not going to write about that, because  I was not contacted out of curiosity, inspiration or genuine need for help… I naively replied believing that I would be helping a student in their campaign. I even offered my support and promotion of the campaign. Little did I know my reply would be used to fuel an article designed to leap frog over my previous work, try and expose its short comings and omit vital details. 

I have previously blogged about networking and making use of contacts and I still maintain it is a good way of getting your foot in the door somewhere. But when you contact people under false pretenses and use someone’s information for your own self promotion , surely that is something that can’t be recalled upon with pride later down the line??

You never know if, or indeed when you will need a contact further down the line so make sure when you make that connection, send that email, shake that hand. It is for mutual benefit. Not to make someone look and/or feel stupid. You live, you learn. 

This is not the first time my words have been misconstrued to suit someone else’s agenda…

Perhaps I’m living in laa laa land where everyone is nice to one another and no ones heads get stepped on, on the way to the top? Do I just need to man up? Comment and let me know. 


Author: eemaa27

Blogging and reflecting to keep my writing skills in tune

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