Career blogging without a career in sight

So I had a strange thought the other day after coming out of an interview. I felt uneasy even though I felt like I had done all I could have in there…then I realised:

I actually don’t know what I am going to do with my life- long term. Internships, work placements and temporary work are rife at the moment. I don’t know anyone (aside from those doing teaching – and even then it’s not guaranteed) that is in long term, permanent employment. I may post about the pros and cons of this at a later stage because you know students graduating from 2011 onwards are being diddled (screwed over, if you will) a bit. ANYWAY as mentioned in previous blogs, I have put plans of getting into teaching on hold for now . And I don’t have a plan B. 

I don’t know if I should be shelling out advice via blogging if I don’t have any direction in my life. People around me have told me to keep going if I enjoy it. And I do. SO let’s turn this into a positive! 

I was in a professional development course recently that looked at creative thinking. We were told about a test which I think may have provided me with some guidance it was Howard Gardner’s Multiple intelligence test – some of you may find it useful. They can be found here; intelligences tests The descriptions for what the tests mean are also on there. Apparently my strengths lie in interpersonal, intrapersonal (self awareness) , “Musical” (despite the fact I don’t play an instrument I just LOVE music) and Linguistic. My highest score was in interpersonal which apparently shows I have potential to be:
A therapist

HR professional

a mediator

a leader (nice a broad there)

a counsellor



a member of the clergy (even though I am agnostic)

a psychologist



carer (that takes a whole heap of guts I don’t have) 

doctor/healer (despite NO medical experience – wow!)

advertising professional

coach or mentor.

All of which are associated with emotional intelligence. A lot of these need to be taken with a pinch of salt. But hey now my mind is open to some more possibilities.   

Anyone else feeling lost or unsure as to what to do in terms of career could be a good starting point. Another good place is :

Southampton University students should check out the careers destinations pages for a wealth of knowledge! 


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