Job adverts that graduates run a mile from

This is all just based on my experience and some people may disagree. And by all means comment if you do. After searching for jobs for 3 months after graduating I settled for a job where I knew I was wanted; retail. But there were some definite adverts that made me click away super quick! This might help some people job seeking at the moment, then again it might just scare you…

*NOTE” Not all of these carry good reason to avoid them

1. “Door to door” seems obvious right? Any work doing door to door sales or even door to door charity work comes with its problems. Having spoken to people who have done this work, it is as competitive as working in, a call centre, for example. You are given targets (Or KPI’s whatever) which you must meet and can be dismissed if you don’t meet them… not so charitable ey?

2. Fundraiser or fundraising – This links with number 1 but picture yourself walking round your local high street with a bucket and a lanyard on. Hardly ideal.

3. Recruitment consultant (“Resourcer” is sometimes used instead) – Now I have friends who work in recruitment and they do an awesome job. Perhaps didn’t see them doing this kind of thing (and by no means give a rose-tinted view on it) but these positions are in abundance at the moment. “Graduate recruitment consultant” positions are everywhere. My advice to you on this one (w/thanks to friend in recruitment) is – take each company at it’s own value. Don’t paint them all with the same brush and say you will never work for them. Give them a chance. I have interviewed with one and was sort of disappointed when they said no thanks. They all have their own flaws and short falls but you can often find the more niche or smaller ones are nicer to work for that the HUGE ONES. Saying that there are some huge recruitment companies who are able to divide the company up in such a way as everyone gets their own specialty – and that can be good too 🙂

4. “Trainee”- Wait? What? I have a degree I don’t need to be a “trainee”. Well stop now! Everyone needs some level of training in a new job – even experts! You never stop learning, even if you come out of the education system. So don’t shy away from it. In some ways it gives you more of a chance to LEARN, also gives you breathing space if you don’t really know what you want to do with yourself.

5. Retail – I have written about this so much. So I will keep it short and sweet. Retail is challenging and you might surprise yourself. Don’t go thinking you’re too good for it.

6. Sales – Again this is often associated with door to door work or harassing people. But I would suggest that this is an area you can really make your own. Yes there are those relentless people driven by commission but if you find the right place with the right ethos you do more than just talking the hind legs off a donkey to make someone hand over some cash! Trust.

7. Unpaid – I don’t blame you if you want/need to be paid to work. But if you can afford to unpaid work is often really rewarding. It might be that you need to find something you have a passion for to really make it work for you but at least CONSIDER it.

8. Part time – “I wanna go straight into full time work!” Part time work wasn’t an option for me after I graduated because I didn’t want to leave ANY room for boredom. Working part time can have its advantages however, for example, working part time leaves you more room to find something you REALLY WANT.

9. Fixed-term contract- These are used a lot at the moment, a way of keeping the staff turnover high as well as the enthusiasm, it means that companies can avoid having to give you pay increases and means they get fresh creativity in the door. But there is sometimes room for extension. So don’t pass it up.

10. Internship or temp –  This is often associated with getting coffee, photo copying and generally being leaned on by the higher-ups. But trust me, internships and temporary work are a great way to get your foot in the door and have moved way beyond exploiting enthusiastic graduates. It gets your face and skills in front of people.

I hope some of these have been helpful, comments always welcome. Please share the link 🙂 Thanks


Author: eemaa27

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