A short one on Unpaid Internships

I saw this video for the first time today: https://t.co/AwLJZ3qYz1 from @internaware which I urge any students/graduates to follow on Twitter if they want to keep up to date with intern related news/events. I think that any work experience is a good idea, even if you’re not paid. HOWEVER I draw the line, when I see that there are unpaid internships available in LONDON. Who has the time or indeed  money to be able to do this? It limits access to great opportunities. It successfully cuts out all the people who aren’t from affluent background.

I would happily do my job for free, if I didn’t have rent to pay but being paid for what I do allows me so many things that many take for granted;

– It means I can MOVE OUT of my family home, meaning I am self sufficient and independent!!

– It means I can live with my partner, something I know a lot of my friends go without. At the very least having the moral support of someone else is so valuable. Being able to come home to someone is also a massive comfort.

– I can (attempt to) save some money for the future!

– I can enjoy a relatively, stress free deal in regards to my disposable income

If there are any hard grafters out there, who aren’t from affluent background, interning for nothing I would love to hear from you. Equally if I can hear of success stories from people in London that would be great as well (maybe I could feature you in a blog). London seems like a big and scary place to me and I know many people who have tried it and decided they don’t want the lifestyle anymore (struggle&stress).

Short and sweet today ladies and gents, and hey! It’s my wordpress-iversary today apparently. Have been registered on WordPress 2 years today… here’s to a another couple of years and even more views please !! Please like, RT and share!


Author: eemaa27

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