ICAS Sustainability Essay Competition

This post is aimed at University of Southampton Management Students;

ICAS essay competition with a prize of £3,000 and a call for research from the CCAB. Information on ICAS can be found here; http://icas.org.uk/default.aspx or on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ICASaccounting


ICAS sustainability essay competition  

ICAS, with the support of Grant Thornton, has launched its 2013 essay competition to generate debate about sustainability, its impact on accountants, and the contribution which the accounting profession can make. The deadline for submission of entries for the competition is midday on Monday 30 September 2013.  Accountants and students from all branches of the profession, as well as those working in related fields, are invited to write a 1,500 word essay on the following subject:


Organisations are under greater scrutiny to ensure that they effectively manage risk and are required to engage with their suppliers and other external stakeholders in order to reduce the embedded environmental and social impacts across their value chains.

With increasingly complex supply chains, how can businesses manage risk and report performance effectively, to help to contribute to a sustainable society and to ensure their own long term sustainability?


Prizes are as follows: 

First prize – £3,000

Second prize – £750

Third prize – £250


Plus – a £1,000 prize for the best essay from an entrant aged ‘under 25’ on 1 July 2013.

 Essays should be emailed to: sustainabilityprizeessay@icas.org.uk. Further details, including the competition rules, are available on the ICAS website.

*All information here has been provided to me via email, please do not contact me directly with questions (as I probably won’t be of much help)


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