Ask.FM and why I do not like it


(can’t click, just a pic) ^This is what sparked this post for me

Working with social media has taught me a lot. About what to put online, what not to put online, how to get more clicks and how to engage with people. And unfortunately I have come across

I know people who use it and I have seen some ugly, annoying stuff on there. With no offence meant to the people I know who use it; I think it is an absolute waste of time. It’s mainly used by attention seekers and trolls (wait, are they the same thing?) to provoke, nothing more. I think it’s a good idea that young people (it’s mainly used by under 18s) can have a platform to gossip without the adults around but honestly…what ARE you thinking? There is nothing there to educate young people about their digital footprint and the online profile they end up building for themselves. It is just an effort to hoard as many followers, likes, hashtags whatever.

I know there is the get out of “well there is a report abuse button available” but sites like this don’t actually do anything to help victims of abuse or trolls. I remember the days of MSN, which  could also be used to pick on people. I know how hard it was to back away from an argument when you’re engrossed in it and it feels like the end of the world. I also know what it’s like when you leave school one day with a friend, argue with them online and the next day it’s like you hate each other. has taken this to another level where it is made public and everyone can see and it’s so sad to see.

In one instance I noticed a reaction from a parent who, even though there was explicit language throughout (about their own child!) only remarked on the strange questions people were asking – NOT the filth that was being written on there.

Why is no one telling these kids that online fights and arguments, even with people you know, don’t mean anything?! They can back away, get afk and not have to have the last word. I am by no means insinuating that the people that have taken their own lives are deserving or have bought this on themselves but seriously! I remember my parents telling me to come off msn and I would beg them to let me stay on there like my life depended on the debate I was having. It’s like kids don’t get listened to or treated how they think they should be at home, so try and demand the respect elsewhere (online). It’s like one massive cry for someone to notice them! I just wish more young people saw it as a waste of time and the people who take to these sites to inflict pain, as idiots with too much time on their hands.

I will cut my rant short here because I will enter parental advice territory!

Here’s an article about whether can be made safe:

Image< A kind request



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