Is our university admission system unfair?


Yesterday was A-Level results day. Whilst many are now celebrating, there will also be a great number of those who missed out on an offer because they did not reach their predicted grades. It is a confusing and anxious time and it highlights a major flaw in the British university applications system.

The admissions process we have in place relies heavily on predicted grades set by tutors. Along with AS Level results, this is how most universities choose prospective candidates. However those predictions have proved to be unreliable. In 2011 UCAS published a paper that stated that only 45% of predicted grades were accurate.  With results from the lowest socio-economic groups, even worse, only reaching 39%.

Along with that, Education Secretary Michael Gove, who wants to return to a two-year linear A Level system,  has set his sights on abolishing the AS Levels exams.  Taken after one year of study…

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