Enactus Southampton step up at the World Cup

Little bit proud 🙂

University of Southampton

enactusThe University’s leading student social entrepreneurs are in Mexico this week for the Enactus World Cup and we have just heard that they are through to the semi-finals, which begin today, 1 October.

Enactus Southampton has joined teams from 35 other countries in Cancun to compete for the world title after winning the UK national championship for the third year in a row last April. In 2012, Enactus Southampton reached the World Cup semi-finals in Washington DC.

This year, Southampton is grouped with Ryerson University (Canada), Mohammedia School of Engineers (Morocco) and Technological University of the Mixteca (Mexico) in round one with presentations commencing at 8.45 am in Cancun (2.45 pm in the UK). The team will have 30 minutes to make their presentation before a panel of judges. Parts of the Enactus World Cup are being streamed live online at http://enactus.org/worldcup/live/ including the Opening Round Awards Ceremony & Keynote speech which will…

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