Things we forget in the daily grind of work

I have often spoken about how University is a bubble. Never again will you have the opportunity in your adult life for 3-4 straight years of socialising (wordpress wants me to spell it with a Z but I WON’T!) I don’t just mean going out to a bar or club but just simple interaction with people. Being in a community of people, in a space where you can walk from one side of campus to the other and wave and say hi to people you know. You feel safe and secure in the knowledge that if you are bored out of your brain you can always call on a friend to hang out with. In addition to this, there is always something happening when you’re at uni be it a club night, bar opening, house party or even, dare I say it a night in movie marathon.

When you get to the other side of uni, depending on where you live and what your occupation is, it might seem like your social life dries up a bit.  

Inspired by this post: I thought I would write about a few things I think are important to remember when you enter the world of work. It feels like a battle to find a job and then you get settled in a role and you forget to do some of the things you took for granted as a student.

-> Visit family! For some this goes without saying but seriously, go home for that roast dinner. Even if you loathed moving back in with them, make sure you keep your family ties and connections with home. Don’t forget who you are man! 

-> Keep in touch and make sure to send messages to old friends and colleagues. I find it very easy to get into the mind set “I don’t hear from anyone anymore!” But how often do you actively message people and ask them how things are going? Everyone gets busier when they start work but it’s important to maintain a pro-active relationship with people. You suddenly have to work in order to maintain the friendships that came so easily at uni. And the people who hang on/stay in touch are the ones worth keeping, not the idiot who ignores your invite for a catch up 10 times.  

-> Socialising online has NOTHING on meeting up in person. Get out and about! Take as much advantage of social situations as possible. It’s not the same as at uni and at some points you can feel as though you have to go out and make new friends all over again which can be awkward! Make sure that you’re not left feeling isolated or lonely. 

-> Make sure you schedule time off throughout the year so you can take adequate breathers. Being used to working in retail I took whatever holiday I could get and didn’t always have freedom to choose. If you join an office job make sure you give yourself breathing space. In addition to this working in an occupation I enjoy I often forget to take any holiday! Keep a check on it and make sure you don’t burn out! 

-> Personal development is important. Everyone is busy and you never truly stop learning so if your job allows it make the most of any training opportunities. And if your boss sends you for training you don’t think you need or you don’t think you have the time for it, see it as a breather not a distraction! Everyone needs head space to mull things over. When you return to your desk you might take a fresh perspective on things. You could even do something not related to work, take up a new hobby, do some cooking/baking. 

OK, so enough of me trying to sound older and wiser than my years. Can anyone think of any others? Please feel free to comment with things that you think you let drop when you’re stuck under piles of work. 


Author: eemaa27

Blogging and reflecting to keep my writing skills in tune

2 thoughts on “Things we forget in the daily grind of work”

  1. I don’t book holiday/cancel it and I get really absorbed in work then realise that weekends get lonely! Such a wise article for the first jobbers 🙂

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