Fathoming some unfathomables

I would like to make it clear that for this post I do not intend any offence. I was thinking about a few things the other day that I just can’t seem to fathom. A lot of this list isn’t related to my internship but I felt like writing something that is a slight departure from my usual posts.

Things that ARE related to my work: 

->I don’t understand how some students are under the impression that a job will come to them, either during their studies or after they graduate. I have seen so many posts from all different types of students who say “how do I get a job?”… seriously, have you never heard of google? I understand to a certain extent that international students for example need help hitting the ground running finding the legitimate sites but a lot of the time I encounter pure laziness, or just lack of confidence. As I have said in previous posts it is all about what YOU get off of YOUR ass and do that will make a difference in finding you work.

FYI any international students looking for work in the UK, here is the UKBA register of companies that can sponsor visas: http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/sitecontent/documents/employersandsponsors/pointsbasedsystem/pbsregisterofsponsors

-> Why don’t recruiters provide more targeted advice or opportunities for post graduate students? I realise UGs are the larger group (3/4 years worth of them) and although they aim most advertising at them they still “encourage” post grads to apply for their grad schemes. HOWEVER most post grads don’t want a grad scheme, they don’t want a placement or internship. They want a job. And so they should because the majority of them have many years of work experience! So how about targeting some things at post grads that they can actually use?

-> Facebook does not work in the way I thought it did when I first started my job. I assumed people would engage with social media as I (the keen bean) do. Um… no. This makes communication really difficult in my job. As with this blog, people might read it but not all of them will like, comment or share.

Marketing things: 

-> Coca cola names marketing campaign. Lots of my friends were massively entertained by this, I didn’t get it. Lots of people took pictures of the bottles etc and got really excited when they found their name. Maybe it’s because my name is common and I don’t really care if it’s written on the label of my drink. Perhaps just get a sharpie and scribble it on there instead?

-> The latest Kindle marketing poster “It’s just like reading a book” – then why don’t I just buy a book? It’s cheaper! Is this a good thing? A bad thing? I don’t know but I don’t want to spent bazillions of pounds to find out!

-> Why people cried at the new John Lewis advert. OK it is nice and heartwarming and everyone loves Christmas (those who celebrate it anyway) but CRYING at an advert? I don’t understand… (DO NOT insert BA HUMBUG) Kudos to John Lewis for managing that reaction from people.

I could be wrong though, let me know: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqWig2WARb0

Other more ranty sounding things: 

-> I don’t understand why some people walk towards you on a collision course, see you move out of the way and then move the exact same direction! (London you are most guilty for this!) Why? Why does this happen? Perhaps it’s a politeness thing so “you moved for me, so I will also move for you”?? In addition to this in touristy areas why do people jostle and push to see things that are inanimate and not about to go anywhere? e.g. museum exhibit, the trevi fountain etc

-> Selfies with food. This links slightly with people also getting in the way. I have deffo taken selfies with food before (with my other half, in Italy GELATO BELLA!) HOWEVER we were seated and not in anyone’s way. I see people literally stop in their tracks to take a picture of them with an ice cream or drink or whatever… BUT PEOPLE CRASH INTO THEM! Where is the spacial awareness? And why can’t that selfie wait until you’re out of people’s way? OK so ice creams melts but have some spacial awareness?

-> TV shows like TOWIE. Why do we give these people air time? Seriously. Nuff said.

-> Soap opera programmes. Similarly; unrealistic, over the top, terrible example setting to children and young people. Grrr rage!

-> Lady gaga . I used to be a massive fan of hers, even dressed up as her at a uni house party. I used to really enjoy her music but have never really been taken by her quirky image. I recently saw her on Graham Norton and she just came across as massively  attention seeking. I can see why she is a role model for some, campaigning for LGBT rights etc but I see her a sell out. She COULD use her voice to sing blues and jazz as she is really good at that! But she doesn’t, she writes pop and packages it as “art”.  I might sound angry but I STILL click on posts about her, I have no idea why! I cannot understand it! I think it could be a nostalgia thing as she came to prominence when I was in my first year of uni and I associate her music with endless nights out and feeling care free? Anyone else have any ideas?

->Why is it when you’re (and I speak mainly for women here) are in a bad or damaging relationship we can’t seem to take advice, even if it’s from our closest friends and family and more importantly we can’t seem to act on it?! Even if the partner is completely and utterly not OK?! Then if you’re on the outside looking in you end up giving the same advice as your friends had been giving you?! AAAHNDJKFDJGSK!

-> Why is it that clothes shops are cutting down costs by skimping on material skewing their size system. Leading to many young women thinking that due to the “size 0” complex society has they are then “fat” or “overweight” moreover when companies are confronted about this (I did this with one company on twitter) asking them whether it’s to cut cost or simply an incorrect label (in more than one store in the same country) you don’t get a response…

-> Linked with the above why do we still insist on buying from clothing shops in other countries which do not look after employees properly? … oh serious note

It’s weird that I am so critical of a lot of these things and some people will say I’m miserable others will call me a cynic. As you can see I can’t really think why I feel the way I do about some of these things. Perhaps I just needed a rant? Opinions?


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