“Lad culture” at university

If you don’t want to read something from a feminist view point. Look away now. I notice more and more of my posts seem to be centered around this theme of feminism. I have written about why it is I think we need it ( https://easea.wordpress.com/2013/08/06/the-f-word-feminism-why-do-we-need-it/ ) and the following is just ANOTHER justification for improved PSE (personal, social education) and even ethics education among young people. But hey that’s way too wishy washy/hippy like for the core curriculum. So hey how about teachers challenging early signs of sexism in kids? (I’d be interested to hear from any teachers or people in general who have tried to challenge sexist remarks by the way) 

A short article here: http://www.independent.co.uk/student/news/lad-culture-consultation-finds-women-afraid-to-visit-their-university-library-for-fear-of-appearing-on-facebook-spotted-pages-8982253.html  talks about how some female students are feeling the pressure due to “lad culture” at university. In addition to this “spotted” or “tell him/tell her” web pages fuel misogynistic attitudes.  If I was aware as I am now of what is right and wrong in terms of behaviour from the opposite sex on nights out when I was thinking of coming to uni I think I would have been one hell of a lot more studious (i.e. not gone out as much) I think it’s good people are aware of these but don’t know about anyone else but I think the fewer people engage with these “spotted” or “tell him/tell her” pages the less traffic they will attract. I would implore with anyone who comes across these pages not to click any links and not to take notice if they think it is them being mentioned UNLESS of course it’s your full name and it’s slanderous. 

I’m not sure how much student unions can do to help this sort of thing because as I ranted above it comes down to early embedded attitudes. No one is born sexist you learn/assimilate those attitudes. It’s even reflected in an article I shared today about children’s reasons people have for marrying someone  http://dailynewsdig.com/how-do-you-decide-who-to-marry-written-by-kids/ In one of the statements a kid says that their wife should like that they like sports and  “keep the chips and dips coming” someone who commented on my post pointed out that this sounded like a mimicking of someone said by their father (assumption) which is a little bit scary. I think when a child is that young they don’t know what their saying but when they get old enough to take notice of the other sex (or same sex) the seed has already been planted and they can easily access those inflammatory phrases.

End on a positive: Kudos to projects like every day sexism who today have been tweeting witty and wonderful retorts to gross comments from guys. 

Thoughts? Opinions? 


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One thought on ““Lad culture” at university”

  1. I do think that student unions and universities in general can better combat sexist culture. Educators aren’t really taught to manage sexism, and we don’t readily share our own experiences of sexism in the class room. Read this brave account: http://bit.ly/Q3eE4R Sexism is a problem at schools and in universities because we don’t create spaces for students to think about how they may be contributing to sexism. This is why gender discrimination and harrassment is a problem in STEM and for women researchers in the field, including in the social sciences. Sexism should be part of general awareness and life skills training, starting at schools and continuing throughout university and in the workplace. Thanks for raising this Emma.

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