Taking rejection

So the job hunt is under way again as I am trying to keep ahead of the game despite having until Summer 2014 to find something. So far I have had one interview and one rejection after application. Both jobs are with universities as I would like to carry on working in higher education and more importantly working with students. After having a “wobbly” interview and then returning to my inbox to see a rejection for the other job I had gone for, I felt rubbish. But ever trying to find a silver lining I will try and spin this into something positive and useful:

So here are some thoughts I cling on to and some tips to think about when being rejected from jobs:


My boss doesn’t want me to leave early 🙂  She’s super supportive but has said that they don’t want to lose me, so that’s a nice thought (“I’M WANTED SOMEWHERE!”)

I have time I am being super organised looking now. So long as you have given yourself enough time you don’t need to put unnecessary pressure on yourself.

It’s all practice and I have nothing to lose None of this is a waste of time, it’s interview practice!


Don’t panic! Yeah, keep calm and carry on! It’s not a good idea to think you’ll NEVER land something, because you will. It’s just hiding from you for now 😉

Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t pick yourself to pieces or tell yourself you’re not good enough. It’s not constructive and will only serve to make you feel worse than you already do.

Don’t be afraid to seek further feedback If like me, you get an unhelpful response go out of your way to email or call to ask for some more detailed feedback. It’s hard for large organisations to find the time to tailor each response they send but you know, prod them!

Make notes Look at how you can improve for next time, I leave interviews having a pretty good idea of which of the questions I didn’t do so well in, so make a note and see if you can make that better for next time!

You’ll get there…promise!

Quite a short post, but soon you will be doing this dance ^ of success


I would also add this song is pretty uplifting is someone has said “no thanks” to your application:


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