Office Christmas Parties

Too many GIFs in this post? Well I love popcorn, so there!

Christmas parties usually conjure up memories of having one too many of the drinks from the free bar. The latest one I went to I managed to fall asleep at after taking advantage of the drink vouchers (come on I had been up since 6am and had been at work all day). This throws into sharp context just how OLD I have got so quickly. This also makes me very grateful that I didn’t have a work Christmas party of my own this year.

After sharing this little anecdote with a couple of people I thought I would write a post about Christmas parties, the different people you see and why they are actually a good idea even if you don’t feel like being a party animal. It’s amazing how if you google “reasons to go to the Christmas party” there are actually more articles I found with reasons NOT to! HUMBUG?!

It’s great to see people relax and have a good time. Someone who you don’t know so well could surprise you and come out with some BRILLIANT stuff – even when sober! Someone you thought was a bit of a grinch could make you laugh and that’s never a bad thing.

It promotes team work. Even if you don’t manage to remember everything the next day/on monday/when you go back to work after Christmas it’s something you can share, look back on and laugh about which sometimes you don’t stop to do when you’re bogged down in work.

See it as team building. A chance to network and get to know people better, you never know you might land a nice invite from the boss or a colleague or you could end up making a good impression.

Christmas sing along anyone?

It can sneakily give you an insight into what the company is willing to do for its employees. OK sometimes socials are left to employees to organise but if it’s the “higher ups” that have put on the spread you can see if they are really willing to reward or motivate you.

SECRET SANTA! If your company does one, or even a round of the Christmas present game (everyone brings random gifts in and people pick a number and get to choose a gift or pass it on to someone else) can be a laugh and eeeeeveryone loves presents!

Unfortunately some people are always either too busy to attend or you know just don’t want to let go of their work. Perhaps it’s a good time to tell them to come and relax? There tends to be an introvert in every office and maybe they are just waiting for an invite?

Interesting to see how some people cut loose

Whatever you do though, don’t fall asleep at it like I did with my boyfriend’s!

I wanted to do something a bit more fun with this post, I hope you liked it and if you didn’t:



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