“Does anyone know of any jobs going?”

This could possibly be a re-hash of a post I have done before but anyway:

NEW YEAR NEW JOB? Deciding you need to be better with money? Think you spent a bit too much in your first term? After a job to go alongside your studies?

Please do not take to facebook and post: “Does anyone know of any jobs going?”

This is something I see posted on many online student groups and it drives me slightly mad. You cannot expect to type that and have replies with links to what you’re after. It is the laziest form of “networking” and is just so broad! If no one has told you, heads up! A job will not come to you.

For serious?

I find myself typing the same advice over and over to people and it really is frustrating! So here are some basic tips for if you are starting on a job search, this is mainly aimed at undergrads looking for work while they are studying or if they have left the job hunt until the last minute:

  • GOOGLE is a wonderful thing. Here is how it works, plain and simple: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=jobs+while+I+study 
  • If you’re at a University there is probably a careers service and they are better than you think. Make use of them and make use of them now! They probably have a jobs board so use your uni log in and take a browse. Don’t underestimate them you will miss it when you graduate (although most unis will let alumni take a look still)
  • Consider working for your university, it is huge, there are jobs!
  • Consider any internships or work experience your university offers. OK so you might not get a qualification from it, you might not be paid lots (although if you go to a Russell group uni maybe you’ll be surprised by some of the wages) but the experience you gain in such a short time is awesome and will serve you well in future roles. No one can afford to be complacent! 
  • Twitter is surprisingly good for a job advice and searches my favorite tweeps are:

@UoS_Careers (duh!)





Also a lot of newspapers have their job pages on twitter as well so it is good to keep up to date. That list is a starting point. If you spend a lot of time on twitter it is worth looking for jobs on there as well. Procrastinating? Then get on this!

  • Any international students looking for something long term then take a look at the UKBA list of people who can sponsor your visa:  http://ow.ly/siwxW 
  • How much time do you spend in your city centre shopping? Probably loads. What are you favorite brands or shops? Think about how you interact with the staff generally if you come across as friendly you might leave an impression and they may be more receptive to a face to face “do you have any jobs available?” than someone who just bounces in on the off chance. Regular, friendly custom can show brand awareness and loyalty.
  • Make proper use of social media sites as well!  This is The Guardians guide to Linkedin while you study: http://ow.ly/siwKU

No one is saying a job hunt is easy. But don’t be sloppy and remember it is as hard as you make it for yourself

Too many people think their first job after university has to be a step onto their career ladder but trust me, most people I know have had to take a few more steps in terms of getting work experience before they have got into something they want to do as a vocation.

 Don’t get caught up in competing with peers and course mates, everyone makes their own path! 


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