Oh, job hunt…

So I neglected to blog last week! First up I blogged x3 the week before and that’s A LOT. Second of all I have been super busy at work and third of all I have been TRYING to get on the job hunt…

So far I have applied for 2 more things this year with 2 more applications I am part the way through. It’s really hard trying to fit it all in around work. Sometimes deadlines are really close together and some how my experience with “meeting deadlines” is supposed to come into play and…it doesn’t. I try and get some job applications started on my lunch hour but that means my lunch hour no longer feels like a break.

I feel that if I apply for things after work the nature of online applications means I don’t take rests from screen work and to some extent don’t feel as though I “switch off”. I think it’s important that if you are fitting in a job hunt around work you take adequate breaks. I now make sure if I plan on doing an application after work I come home, chill out, eat my dinner and then eventually do about 2 hours of job related things before hitting the hay. If you don’t slow down, take a deep breath and tackle things at a reasonable post you can feel overwhelmed.

The job search doesn’t seem to get any any easier as time goes by and it is definitely an underlying stress for me not knowing where I am going to be in a years time. There are a lot of roles out there that are temporary or fixed term and I don’t want to hop from one fixed term role to another as it will get me nowhere.

I was happy to read earlier this month that lining according to this article  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/educationnews/10566757/Four-in-10-graduate-jobs-reserved-for-student-interns.html   4 in 10 graduate roles are reserved for those who have done internships or work experience.

Some students don’t see the merit in doing internships even though they provide a brilliant foundation of skills for the work place. I don’t know if there is a certain level of arrogance from a lot of people thinking that they won’t gain anything from taking time to develop their vocational skills… who knows.

Shorter post this time but unsurprisingly I am lacking in inspiration (WHERE IS THE ENERGY?) I actually delivered a presentation about my blog in a training session yesterday. One of the criteria for assessing this presentation was making sure the audience is interested and telling them what is in it for them… ha

Times like these I wish I’d just done this:


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