Turning down a job

So I didn’t think I would find myself turning down a job.

But it happened. Last week.

Above anything else right now I am searching for something permanent, I think the underlying stress of not knowing where I am going to be next year is something that could easily be combated by getting something permanent.

So when this role felt as though it would just tide me over for a year or perhaps only  for a couple of months, I had to say no. One of my other concerns was the idea of “progress in the role” which seemed to be linked with the salary (which is fine, if you’re motivated by money). I felt that my idea of progression in the role might not match theirs and perhaps that comes back to by being keen for variety and responsibility and also impatience for development. This combined with the interview = me no like.  I had every intention of taking the role until the interview. I won’t go into detail as it’s not fair on the people that work there but needless to say I was not impressed and completely did not want the job.

ANYWAY I actually got pretty upset and panicky when they left a message offering me a role. And I was dreading making the call to say no. I had this annoying notion in the back of my head “Are you mad?It’s permanent! Take it!” but unfortunately the negatives kept stacking up…

I had a really awkward phone conversation with the chair of the panel, who was really nice, positive and supportive during the interview I might add and I am pretty sad I won’t get to work for him. It’s hard delivering bad news to a person who was not the route of the problem. I also know what it’s like trying to recruit people, you’d think it was simple, right?

I have summarised a few thoughts/affirmations about this as I had to calm the flip down when I knew I had to respond.

  • Make sure you try and inject some positives in there for them…
  • Accept that at some (potentially high) level they are going to p****d off.
  • You have the right to turn down a job you do not owe a prospective employer anything aside from your best shot in the interview.
  • THERE WILL BE SOMETHING ELSE THAT COMES ALONG! Don’t think that because you’ve said no your offers will dry up
  • If one employer has said yes, others will as well – see this as positive feedback
  • Think about how long-term you think the role with be, would it be fair on the employer if you ditched the role after a couple of months?
  • Is it the right time for a change? Are you ready for it mentally? How would a new job happen in your life as it is right now?

There are a few articles out there (get googling) about turning down job offers so there is better and more detailed advice out there but I just wanted to document my experience in blog form.

*continues job hunt* I’ll get over it…


Author: eemaa27

Blogging and reflecting to keep my writing skills in tune

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