Opportunity and progress

This weather makes me feel so positive so I thought I would share some positive vibes on here…

So recently I haven’t been so great at posting on here. It’s partly because I have been busy at work and also pretty bad at taking time away from my desk or to do something for myself which includes taking a proper lunch break.

I am faced with a challenge. I will be coordinating events in London. I will be travelling to Canary Wharf  twice over the next two weeks. I am excited and nervous. I find as I write this I keep typing “in London” after things lots. That’s because I haven’t traveled to London on my own before – something which might sound pathetic and make you think “aww cute” or “get a grip!” but you’ll also note from a previous post ( https://easea.wordpress.com/2014/01/28/the-only-one-standing-in-your-way-is-you/) it is something that I have not been brave enough to try. And that’s because I struggle with anxiety, something that will come as a shock to a lot of people who know me. I have thought about blogging about how anxiety impacts me at work but I’m not sure I’m that brave… I will say one thing though, yoga is fantastic for combating stress and anxiety and I really need to get back into that!

Shout out to my colleague at work who pointed me in the direction of the tubemaps app 🙂 I feel a bit better already.

Needless to say I don't ooze confidence like this guy
Needless to say I don’t ooze confidence like this guy

ANYWAY I hope that coordinating these events will be progress. And help build my confidence and generally make me feel like a more capable, professional person. A quote I found online the other day rang true with me…

Nothing ruins your twenties more than the thought that you have to have everything figured out – Unknown

I think I put a lot of pressure on myself to have all the answers and have everything in hand. It seems strange that an opportunity which I know I am perfectly capable of grasping and succeeding in could throw me off balance.

So here’s to sucking it up and going to the city. Wish me luck – details on how it all goes to follow


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