London Seminar: Living and Learning on the Web

So the first seminar I coordinated went well. I was lucky enough to travel to London with two students who I already know and a colleague from work who is a lecturer. Much fun and banter was had on the journey there which made me feel more at ease about the whole thing.

We arrived at Canary Wharf super early which was good because I wanted an opportunity to get to grips with where we were and set up the room. The seminar was hosted by Citibank and we had some amazing views from the 15th floor!

The seminar went swimmingly and the college students seemed to really enjoy both the talk from one of our alumnus who attended and the student digi champs who came with me. I was excited for both of the talks as this was all information I wish someone had told me before I started my degree. I left the event feeling as though it had all gone well but had a massive headache by the end of it!

Merel and Ellie our digichamps
Merel and Ellie our digichamps

To see the digichamp blog on this event along with the awesome slides they used click here – you might learn something about online image and safety

I really enjoyed this opportunity to work with students, staff, external stakeholders and an alumnus in one event.

Some lessons I learned:

  • Even if you’re anxious or scared about doing something new or unfamiliar things are never going to be a bad as your head might let you think they will.
  • Plan things in as much as advance as possible and make sure you have contingency plans
  • Be patient and remain calm and professional – things will fall into place
  • Remember if you’re in a position where things are new to you, you’re not meant to be an expert on everything so it’s important to remain positive and not beat yourself up.
  • If you’ve done this once, you can do it again!

Hopefully this will all stand me in good stead for this week’s seminar which is on Leadership and Management within the NHS helping to promote our new degree developed by Dr Jane Pritchard : BSc (Hons) Healthcare: Management, Policy and Research which can be found here it’s a course I wish had been available when I was choosing a degree!


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