London Seminar instalment number 2

I have finished my short stint coordinating seminars in London. The second one was in a different location and we had an impressive view from  one of the boardrooms. This time I was meeting up with the academic who would be delivering the seminar, I hadn’t worked with her before and I was conscious that I needed to come across as professional. Getting there was easy which is good, the building was impressive and everyone at the company we visited was very welcoming and friendly which was nice.

Upon arriving I found that there were lots of people to shake hands with and get to know. There were a few hiccups which made me feel quite apprehensive again concerned that I needed to come across as confident and in control. Once everyone arrived and we got started it all seemed to fit into place, The alumnus who came was really interesting and seemed to echo a lot of the messages other alumni have shared. i.e. the importance of avoiding distractions when you’re studying and the importance of networking.

The academic section of the seminar was on leadership in the NHS with a focus on the Mid Staffordshire hospital case. It really made me think about the quality of care people are entitled to and how you wouldn’t think twice about being treated properly in a hospital. It was intended to help promote the new degree programme in Health Sciences which I think I would have considered had it been around when I had been choosing a degree.  The students who attended seemed really engaged and asked questions and paid an interest which is good.

So it went well and I won’t end this post with any tips. Just to say, if you get the chance to do something like this – take it!


Author: eemaa27

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