On moving on…

OK, so this post is probably going to come across as quite personal again. But I have an excuse; I thought the following few months would be full of blog posts about my job hunt, rejections, interviews and how to stay resilient in the face of it all. Well I don’t have to worry about that now because I have had my contract extended for another year. This has been the reason behind my blog name change (if you had noticed) as I’m not really viewed as an intern at work anymore. I will take this little victory ūüôā happy day.

This is how I always dress for work... not
Me representing the Management School @2013 graduations. This is how I always dress for work… don’t you?

Anyway, in the interest of looking forward I thought I would write about moving on. I have had a few conversations with people recently about getting nostalgic, missing people and craving old times. A fair group of friends from School, some of which I have known for nearly 20 years(!) have moved back home. They all seem to meet up regularly and have an awesome time and it makes me miss the old days when I was part of a social group at School. Of course I miss uni friends as well but where they are all scattered across the globe it is harder for us all to get together for me to get nostalgic.

I have watched a few things on TV and Netflix recently which involve the idea that some how you can cling on to the past. Two of them are films are which are very much centred in looking back the¬†other¬†is a TV programme about School girls which made me think about how School used to be and how actually, I miss SOME of the people but I don’t miss the atmosphere and environment. I will discuss them in the order in which I watched them… the fact I have watched some of these things might surprise¬†some people who know me.

Ja’ime: Public School Girl¬†

Having watched Summer Heights High and Angry Boys I was intrigued to watch Chris Lilley’s latest installment in which he plays the character of Ja’ime. Although I didn’t go to private School it sort of reflected the¬†often bitchy nature of being a girl at School. A lot of the things being said actually made me think about how people speak to one another when at School and the utter lack of respect some girls seem to have for one another. Someone needs to tell School kids that what someone’s hair looks like doesn’t matter, their body type doesn’t matter. All the cliques or groups you form at School (we had goths, moshers, geeks, chavs) don’t exist outside of School. It’s all a mask to hide behind because when you’re a child, you can get away with it. Towards the end of this show Lilley’s character¬†mentions how she will miss School and is seriously over the top with the love she gives her friends “I would friggin die for you guys!” I think he captures the over dramatic nature of a teenage girl but it sort of made me sad that that was the albeit over the top, ¬†stereotype. I was planning on going on a bit of a rant about this but NO! I think Lilley is trying to relive School days through this character and he’s convincing.


Jesse and Celeste Forever

A slightly different kind of “chick flick” focusing on a relationship between two best friends which, when they have been married a while, begins to break down. They both face difficulties trying to move on from it. It’s debatable whether they should have been married in the first place but you see them try and transition into adulthood together and it just seems the people they were when they were younger can’t quite deal with being grown ups. I could relate to Rashida Jones’ character and her need to always be right. That need to be right all the time seemed to take over her life slightly and make her come across as cold.

jesse and celeste

Young Adult (**SPOILERS**)

Unfortunately I didn’t think I could talk about this one without spoiling something so, you know, look away now if you don’t want it ruined. This film started out quite slow and I almost lost my patience with it until it took a proper turn and you saw the main character’s true motives. Although she does come across as a “crazy lady” with serious issues it reminded me of a friend I had while at School. She seriously needs to learn how to move on otherwise she could end up¬†like this lady. This film shows that a childish or “high school” mind set can make it hard for a person to progress in life both professionally and personally. I think, like Ja’mie, this film shows a strong central character who needs to put on a “mask” in order to be accepted by other people. ¬†One flaw in this film is that it doesn’t actually address or name the mental health issues the main character has it just shows all the flaws and bad habits.

young adult


Ultimately all of these features reinforced the idea that it isn’t healthy to live in the past. Being an adult is hard. And I might sound really immature and naive for saying that. But the fact is, without wanting to sound depressing:¬†I don’t think it gets easier. No one prepares you for this. And most importantly we’re not really taught basic relationship education which would make us a hell of a lot nicer to one another from School to relationships to work. There is a reason there are so many grad blogs – there isn’t a handbook for life so we try and pick up the slack and warn people¬†that this is REAL MAN!¬†The important thing is to adapt and not to beat yourself up in the process.



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