“Facing the camera”

I may have posted about this the last time I did it but the nerves are still real so I am doing it again.

I have been nominated in the Venus Business Woman Awards as Employee of the year for the 2nd time. There were over 200 people nominated in my category and I have made it to the quarter finals. This all sounds really grand and fun but this stage involves standing in front of a camera and talking about myself which I don’t like doing. Although I am quite extroverted I don’t like the whole self promotion thing and it is weird looking down the lens of a camera and talking as though it is to a person when you know quite well it could end up on youtube.

My boss advised that I should look at it as a description process not a bragging one so that helped. Another colleague of mine saw last year’s video and said that I just need to be myself and smile which sounds like really simple advice but I was consumed by nerves last time and came across as really serious.

Quarter finalists gathered for networking after filming.

This time I made sure I smiled. I bounced in the room ready to film and decided not to hold back. I haven’t seen the video yet but I have a feeling I spoke too quickly, may have looked a bit mad in my efforts to keep smiling and I definitely looked down at my cue cards when really I knew what I was supposed to say…

After the filming there was opportunity to network with other nominees and sponsors. It was interested to see who took the time to attend. Some finalists were announced and we held our breaths thinking “Really? We only filmed this afternoon, surely they haven’t picked yet?” In the end they hadn’t decided for our category so I need to wait and see if I have made it through to the public vote.

Will update when I know more


Author: eemaa27

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