#shutyourfacebook Channel 4

Something to back up some of the points I have been making about social media on my blog

Fiona Harvey.

One of our Digichamps, Katie, sent me the link to the Channel 4 (UK) tv programme about online identity and the culture of posting inappropriate content online about yourself and your ‘friends’. It was a fascinating and disturbing programme where their seemed to be a genuine disregard for the implications of posting photos and videos that demonstrated vile and thoughtless attitudes. One person who claimed to be professional said that what they posted onto their Facebook profiles was personal and therefore shouldn’t be a reflection of who they were in their professional life. In the next sentence (almost) they said they didn’t care about privacy settings. I think you can guess the next part – yes, the producers set up and interview and then Googled the applicant as part of the interview procedure. Having been ‘outed’ the applicant decided that it was time to remove the offending content. No surprise…

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