How’s your Monday?

Happy Monday!

Just a quick one to say that I am excited to be going to a conference in Birmingham at the end of this month representing the Management School. And I will endeavor to blog about it. OK so I am a delegate not a key note but I have only ever done conferences on campus before so I am excited! It will be covering a lot of the work I have been doing as well which is great! Again a bit nervous for it but it’s another challenge I hope to rise to.

Second piece of news is the arrival of my business cards. Yes. That is a thing. I am easily entertained and was very happy when they arrived earlier. I hope to share these with other delegates at the conference…must resist the temptation to be one of those people “here’s my card” … “let me get you my card” etc… that won’t happen.

As tempting as it was to post a picture of my own card…let’s settle for the quote from American Psycho “Look at that subtle colouring. The tasteful thickness.”

Author: eemaa27

Blogging and reflecting to keep my writing skills in tune

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