Would you go to a supermarket to “graze” ?

I read on Linkedin earlier that Waitrose are thinking of setting up a “grazing” area in one of their newest stores. This intrigued me. Although I am not a retail or supermarket expert I worked in retail for 6 years, 3 of which were with Waitrose on their food counters. I think this idea sounds great and terrible all at the same time…


Eating while you shop?! Customer’s dream! Gimme! ALL OF THE SAMPLES!

This will bring in more money as it will tempt people into buying more products! Especially getting people to make purchases together “oh this wine goes perfectly with this … ”

Staff and customers will have more of a time to chat in a relaxed atmosphere perhaps? The store will have more of a buzz about it.


I think calling it a “grazing” area makes customers sound like cattle. Whether that is the official name of it remains to be seen…

Giving customers who are already very demanding, alcohol (“they can even have a glass of wine”) I think is potentially unwise. I think if you work in a store lucky enough to have security it could be fine and I am sure no one is about to get plastered in their local supermarket however I could see staff getting the full force of a customers possibly narky attitudes after a couple of glasses of Pinot…

I think of this also with my ex-Waitrose head. MORE cleaning?! Staff already have a list of things they have to clean in compliance with certain laws and rules and this will just add to it. During hectic times of trade will they have time to clear further dining areas? Could Waitrose end up looking messy?

This is of course a brief and simplistic reaction and I look forward to seeing how it works out and whether it will set a trend.


Author: eemaa27

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