Should I pay to get my CV looked at?

FACT: Writing a CV can be an absolute pain.

I have been asked whether it’s worth paying to have your CV looked over by someone else. I have also had people wanting to post these services on social media pages that I run. I would first of all like to say that I know that often, people who offer their CV checking services to others for a fee, mean well and are in fact trying to be entrepreneurial. But I am afraid I cannot endorse these services when I know there are FREE alternatives available that are just as much, if not more credible than those you can pay for

So here are some quick fire tips for when you’re thinking about parting with cash to have someone else write, look over or edit your CV

Bee-lieve in yourself!

(disclaimer: this is just my opinion and I’m not a recruitment expert so here I go with some common sense)

  • If you’re a student: DO YOU REALLY HAVE THE MONEY FOR THIS?
  • No one is more qualified to write your CV than you are. Who put in the hard work to earn those CV points? YOU DID so you are the best person to write about them!
  • Grammar and spelling can be checked by a friend or by using a decent word processor. Both of those things are pretty much free.
  • Be confident in your own ability! If you pay someone else to write/edit your CV are you then going to consider paying them to sit the interview? I didn’t think so*
  • If you’re finding editing your CV hard, why not try it again from scratch? You might not feel as constrained that way
  • The best piece of advice I have had regarding writing a CV is that you should treat each word or sentence in your CV as though it costs you money
  • If you are genuinely struggling with your CV then speak to someone (i.e. careers advisors at School or uni) but not someone who charges you by the hour.
  • Just because you pay for something, doesn’t always make it better. Sometimes the satisfaction of knowing you have completed something yourself is awesome enough

*I have heard a person say they had lied on their CV and had to prove they could do something they couldn’t at the upcoming interview…

I hope some people have found this post useful. If anyone has any tips they’d like to share in the comments that would be great and I would recommend the book I linked above as a cheap, useful, succinct and articulate means of navigating that pesky job search.





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