5 career tips you should ignore

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When it comes to dispensing careers advice or job search tips, everyone’s an expert. Or so it seems. No wonder today’s crop of graduates feel confused.com when it comes to separating the good from the bad….and the very, very ugly. Now, I’m certainly not going to claim a monopoly on common sense and career wisdom, but I think some of these are ripe for review…

1) Follow your passion

How many times have you read this before?

job satisfaction quote

Whether attributed to Confucius (unlikely) or Harvey Mackay, (US Businessman and purveyor of pithy sound bites) this maxim has become careers gospel. There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the sentiment: if you can find congruence between who you are and what you do, then you’re more likely to feel fulfilled, motivated and….happy. If you find a job you love, great. But, the problem with the cult of passion, is it enslaves jobseekers to the idea that…

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One thought on “5 career tips you should ignore”

  1. Good article, thanks for sharing. I found the post-interview note works even in Europe if there is a reason for sending it (e.g. sending job certificates, work samples…) with the thank you.

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