Could being reflective help you be more productive?

I read an article recently about how reflection can increase productivity or make you more successful at work. Feeling a slight lull in my creativity for this blog and trying to avoid repetition, I thought I would compile some reflections I have at the end of each day. I was thinking of doing the #100happydays thing recently with photos in order to think more positively but I post enough on social media as it is. These extracts will be a mixture of personal and professional no doubt but we’ll see how we go…


Day 1

Today hasn’t been too productive, I have done a lot of reading of things… my mind has been distracted with family stuff and because it’s my birthday it sort of feels like there is a child in my head bouncing up and down saying “BIRTHDAY! BIRTHDAY! BIRTHDAY!” It has been really nice to have lots of  messages from friends wishing me well on my birthday and it has been a source of positivity throughout the day.

I wasn’t meant to be in work for the last 2 weeks in May because of surgery I was supposed to be having which they have now moved twice. Although I can’t change the fact they moved it I feel annoyed as I had moved my schedule around a lot, leaving this week relatively light on work. I am also reluctant to start tasks which I may not be able to finish…



Day 2

After sort of losing track of what I was supposed to be doing this week I managed to find some tasks to do. I think birthday had been main distraction (how very childish of me) back on it today and feeling more productive. Perhaps reflecting has worked slightly in making me more focused? Have a really monotonous task to do at the moment and finding it hard to keep focused on formatting a page. Managed to help some colleagues while my boss is away though which is good.


Day 3

It’s always interesting working with students. I have offered to help with some research which includes paper surveys. They are really short but it is really hard pinning students down at the moment as they are either doing exams or celebrating having done exams. Some of them have messaged me to cancel and have said that they are “ill” … I know what ill means.

brain ache


On a more positive note I interviewed a student today and it went well.

Day 4

FRIDAY! That’s another week over with. I was in and out of the office today speaking with students and asking them to fill in a survey – it’s not even for me! I was happy with the number of them who turned up to do it. It was really good to have some valuable conversations with students which was really helpful and motivating 🙂 I will see what I can do to put their thoughts into action for the next academic year.


Day 5

IT’S A MONDAY! Hectic! Starting the week underestimating the work load then having lots to do! Having things delegated to me, which is fine but I quote “need to be a little less helpful to people for the next couple of weeks” I just hope I manage to keep on top of everything. I’m not feeling 100% though so I am finding it challenging to keep going. Today seemed to go quite quickly, I hope the rest of the week does the same!


I noticed that these posts seemed to get shorter as I went along, probably due to an increase in time away from the desk doing other tasks and the amount of work I had on which limited my ability to create this post. I think reflecting is a useful tool, if you have the time to do it properly. I don’t know about the link between being reflective and being productive though… I think I just got busier? On reflection of my reflecting (REFLECT-CEPTION) I think I could have been organised about it and perhaps started with my goals for the day and what I would have done differently.

I wonder if anyone else has given this a try and been able to stick to it? Has it helped?



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Blogging and reflecting to keep my writing skills in tune

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