Of blog posts to come…

I am going to feature some profiles of people I know who are now in the big world of work to cast some light on certain job roles and the reality of things after graduating. Because I only have so much experience I will be drawing on expertise and knowledge from people I have worked and studied with!

First up will be Sarah who works in London for a huge charity as an Events Executive. 

2nd is James who is a Research Officer for University of Surrey 

Next is Terri who is an English Literature grad who now works as a marketing executive in London 

There will also be David who has gone from Maths and Philosphy grad to SUSU President to Marketing intern to who knows….

I will also be writing about Sasha who is a researcher for a brand consultancy and has just got a role on the Deloitte grad scheme and Dessie who is a recruitment consultant

Would you like to be featured in future posts? Comment below or contact me on twitter and I’ll send you some questions 


Author: eemaa27

Blogging and reflecting to keep my writing skills in tune

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