“Humble in victory, gracious in defeat”

So last night I was sad to not have won the award I was nominated for…for the second year running. I wasn’t sad because I felt like a “loser” but because of time and energy I had invested in trying to get people to vote for me and promoting the name of the awards, their website, blog, social media profile etc. I’m not saying that my friends and colleagues were rubbish in their support at all nor am I saying that because I promoted the awards I should have automatically won but from previous posts about my health you’ll see that energy and motivation are very difficult things for me to come by.

It would have been a nice little motivator for me to have got that award as I now work in a setting where “customer” feedback isn’t always made obvious to me, be it positive or negative. It’s hard for me to tell if I am doing a good job. When I worked in retail at least if I didn’t provide what the customer wanted I’d know about it pretty much instantly.

ANYWAY! Positivity!

Lessons and after thoughts

  • I definitely used the lessons from last year to inform my “campaign” this year so you know, I gave it my best shot!
  • In future don’t go overboard on the promotion of something like this. I did a lot of promoting of news and items about the awards because I agreed with its message of recognising achievements of people who may not always get the acknowledgement they deserve HOWEVER I did end up doing a lot of indirect PR work for them which sort of made me feel more annoyed when I didn’t get it (image of sulky child springs to mind).
  • Not everyone can be a winner – duh!
  • I thought I didn’t care about it as much as last time but I did no matter how much I tried to not want it.
  • Widely I still think this is a positive kind of event however I noticed the women involved with predominantly from one kind of social group. That’s not to say they all knew one another and were friends but that they were from similar backgrounds. But the awards are still growing so maybe people from more diverse backgrounds will be represented in future. 
  • I don’t need an award to validate my work – I still have my job and I still have goals.
  • Winners this year had the backing of their companies, many of them had an entire table of guests with them, I hadn’t wanted to ask people to pay the expensive ticket price so maybe it’s a good thing I just bought the boyf and crossed the fingers – I would have hated to have taken lots of people to watch me lose.
  • Defeat, if we call it that, can be got over pretty quickly – after a good nights sleep did the job for me
  • I was still impressed with the kind of things the winners had achieved, I hope I can do something as interesting and note worthy in my career

I have tried to sound positive about this because, although initially annoyed last night I now don’t feel as bad about it. I do still need to put a positive spin on certain thoughts to do with this but maybe I’m just getting cynical in my old age?

Big thanks to my boyfriend and my best friend who made me feel better about the whole thing.

And of course,

Well done to all the winners from this year 🙂


Author: eemaa27

Blogging and reflecting to keep my writing skills in tune

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