Universities Look To Oculus Rift To Lure Students To Campus

This is cool.


When you hear “Oculus Rift” you think games, but it looks like virtual tours are becoming a new category to the uses for the virtual reality device.

Founders of YouVisit, a virtual tour company, Taher Baderkhan, Abi Mandelbaum and Endri Tolka met in their first year of college and they had one thing in common: they were all international students.

YouVisit Demo 03 Endri Tolka, left, and Taher Baderkhan, middle, guide me through how the virtual tour works through the Oculus Rift. Image by Steve Long.

They realized there was no easy way to tour a college or learn about college lifestyles in another country without shelling out for a plane ticket. After graduating, they began to work on a project that would help ease worries of transportation time and costs for college tours.

Formerly YourCampus360, they created a website in 2008 that provides virtual walking tours to about 1,000 universities that…

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