Why have I been writing these graduate profiles?


I have probably written about this very briefly before but the reason I have been writing my “spotlight on” series is so that students and graduates can have an insight into what is on offer after graduation. There has been a lot in the news recently about unrealistic graduate expectations in terms of roles and wage when they first come out of uni. Something that I think it due to the “miss-selling” of University to the majority of prospective British students. So far I have had amazing contributions on;

  • Working as an events exec for a HUGE charity
  • What it’s like to have a research role in a University
  • Being a Marketing exec in London
  • Being a Sabbatical Officer
  • Embarking on a Deloitte Grad Scheme

I’m hoping later to have a post about being a Graduate Recruitment Consultant. But I’m not the only one writing about this stuff, so why do I bother? Most of the time students or graduates work towards a job title. The lists in prospects and in University prospectuses are great for focusing your mind and giving you a goal to work towards. In the UK certainly we are made to make our choices on what career we want from an early age,  from the questions of “what do you want to be when you grow up” to the GCSE grade pressure to the A level grade pressure (yeah thanks for adding the A* there) we assume our choices set us on a certain path. And for people who want to be doctors or lawyers perhaps this is the truth (although I am told by Law students they don’t all want to be lawyers).   However speaking as someone who started A levels thinking she was going to be a paramedic to finishing them and taking Sociology at uni so I could become a teacher to not be able to afford the PGCE (thanks fee increases) and the government getting rid of the GTP (earn and learn pathway) but HEY I have a great job in Education and Student Experience now (everything happens for a reason?) It’s clear that the pathway to a career rarely runs smooth and you don’t have to come out of uni, have everything figured out and do a job that you’re going to be in for the rest of your life. On campuses across the UK the presence of “big 4” companies certainly puts pressure on students to think “if I don’t get on their grad scheme, I have failed” but it isn’t the case. Despite 3/4 years study you will still have a lot to learn! And this is why I have called upon my wonderful friends who have helped me build this “Spotlight on” series of blog posts. Massive thank you to Sarah, James, Terri, David and Sasha so far. If you are a graduate with a role you’d like to let people hear about then please contact me via twitter @eemaalou


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