First week back at work…

HOORAY this post contains no hint of advice!

After two weeks off of work recovering from my second surgery inside as many years I have found this week hard.

I felt pleasantly surprised when I managed to get up with ease on Monday and I even got into work early to play email tetris and catch up. Email tetris isn’t a real game I just like turning all the red flags into ticks as I answer all of them.

As the week has progressed however I have become more and more tired, I have been without naps (OK, I’m not a child but I had been relying on recharge naps while recovering). I got to the point today (Friday) when I was looking at work and talking to my boss about it and felt like I was no longer speaking English. It is possible my brain was melting.


So anyway silver lining is I have had a reasonably productive week. The last week in the run up to my op I was holding off of doing things and now I CAN DO THEM! YAY! I am wondering how long this motivated spirit will last or perhaps it will burn out like my energy did by about Tuesday…

Hope to have normal service (almost spelled that with a U instead of E!!)  resumed next week with a post about a grad I know who has secured a place on the Deloitte grad scheme.


Author: eemaa27

Blogging and reflecting to keep my writing skills in tune

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