On breaking the silence.

Couldn’t have put it better

Ramble, ramble, rant.


I am sure that, in breaking my blog silence today, this entry will be absolutely lost in and amongst various tributes to Robin Williams, and – fingers crossed – newly emerging dialogues concerning depression.

The loss of someone renowned for making the world laugh is, of course, a tragedy, and when the alleged cause is suicide, this raises feelings of disbelief alongside a realisation that we, as a society, need to talk about mental health.

I have seen so many tweets this morning both disbeliving of Robin Williams’ passing, and many lamenting the silence and stigma that still surrounds discussing mental health.

It needs to be realised that all around are people suffering silently. They may seem to be an extrovert; have a lot of self-confidence; light up a room when they walk in. They may be quiet; a wallflower; introverted. Depression is not often a visible ailment; there…

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