Autumn is here: finding time to blog

I survived another batch of freshers! And Autumn is here!

It feels as though I haven’t written on here in a very long time. This is probably because the first two weeks of term have been manic. I was pleased to see a spike in my viewing figures recently after I tweaked and re-posted an entry on being a fresher. This has motivated me to keep writing this blog. I am taking on much more responsibility at work and if I thought I had lots of plates to spin before now I was in for a surprise upon returning to work after my holiday. It’s strange we spent the summer planning so much and knowing when term would start but still I was surprised when it all seemed to creep up on me when the students returned. “If you’re so busy how can you have the time to write this blog?” I hear you say and yeah, OK I can see your point but I MAKE the time because I see this as an important reflective tool.

Usually I try to impart some knowledge on people who read this blog not as an expert but as someone who thinks ‘I wish someone had told me that before I started uni/when I was a student’ this post I am doing some pondering really – I am at a cross roads, I could get all metaphorical on you here and start comparing my life to the changing colours of the leaves (can you paint with all the colours of the wind, though?)

Instead here are some thoughts/lessons I have collected after a long summer of working, a  holiday and then a return to reality with a bump as term started again.

Try to keep my cool while riding the roller coaster that is work sometimes


  1. Affirmation: I am only one person. I can only do so much in one day and what I don’t do today I can finish tomorrow
  2. Harsh lesson: I will have to start early and work late sometimes, this will be hard for me, for others it will be a typical day (don’t complain so loud in front of friends who live and work in London)
  3. Switching off is OK. I loved the silence while I was on holiday; no emails, no texts, no phone calls, no facebook, no twitter. Remember that feeling and switch off after work. Set an out of office and deal with it in the morning, or you will set the expectation that you can reply 24/7
  4. Deleting facebook messenger from your phone was a good idea, don’t be tempted to re install it (as number 3)
  5. One day you will have to be a total grown up, for now, that day is not today, so chill.
  6. Taking on an extra responsibility or extra projects is a positive thing, remember that when you stress out or feel anxious.
  7. People remain stupid – sigh it out and don’t get angry
  8. If people don’t listen or don’t understand repeating yourself is OK. You may have  to do this more than once.
  9. People don’t always acknowledge work or even thank you but at least you know you have played your part
  10. You may leave work and worry before going on holiday but things won’t have changed massively in 2 weeks so don’t worry, turn up, pick up and move forward.
  11. You did all your planning and work over the summer, you waited for replies and now everyone is back and suddenly wants to act. You had your timetable/pace over the summer now do your best to adjust to other people’s – within reason.
  12. Don’t beat yourself up for being tired, anxious, depressed, in pain or lacking in motivation, it will pass

One thing I have realised is that even though I have been in this role 2 years and have welcomed hundreds of students over this time they will still continue to surprise and challenge me.

Before we know it it’ll be Chri….


Author: eemaa27

Blogging and reflecting to keep my writing skills in tune

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