Peer mentoring at University: working on my workshop style

I’d be surprised if I haven’t blogged about peer mentoring before but here I go. This term has been crazy busy and I haven’t really had the time to write my usual reflective posts. Neither have I really had the time for self doubt in a recent task I had to do at work. I run a peer mentoring scheme at university level for Business School students. We have 2nd and 3rd years who support in coming freshlings (technical term)

ANYWAY I could write and/or talk about this all day and so naturally one of my colleagues decided it was about time I flew the peer mentoring flag in a workshop for my own peers (peer-ception?). I didn’t used to care about presenting when I was a student but now I work here it is terrifying! I don’t know why but it just is. I was fortunate enough to be working alongside 3 students Charlotte, Daniel and Jaz which was really rewarding for me. They have implemented peer mentoring schemes in different parts of the uni and I am so happy to have seen them taking a lead on this. They also made presenting look so easy! I don’t always get to work with the really engaged, enthusiastic students (or at least they are usually very good at hiding from me it would seem) so it made for a really nice experience and a great motivation booster!

Anyway, following the workshop we did a colleague sent me the video of our workshop. There is a reason I don’t usually do this stuff. Now if I am honest I was happy with how it went immediately afterwards and remain happy having watched it back. BUT I seemed to ignore or forget a lot of the golden rules of presenting I picked up over the years. I know other people may not notice these same traits but, I watched it back to critique myself.

peer mentoring

  • First of all – who let me stand there with a clicky pen?! PUT IT DOWN! (I did eventually)
  • How many um times can I um say um um?! Just pause, take a breath, anything.
  • You don’t need to put all of the words onto the screen – you flouted your own flipping rule when you said you never would!!
  • It would seem I like to gesticulate. A LOT. Not necessarily a bad habit but I once marked down a lecturer of mine who did too much hand waving around which was distracting *face palm*
  • I have discovered that when I am nervous I don’t sound that friendly or genuine… I need to work on that
  • I need to acknowledge fellow presenters a little better I feel
  • I also seemed to ignore part of the very small room we were in – only I could do that

Despite this list, I’d like to thank Sarah who gave me the opportunity to do this and Sophie who supported us (she now probably knows this content off by heart)

I know you won’t be able to watch it back or comment but I thought I would put these points out there as a reminder to myself to avoid these things in future. I know I still have a lot left to learn and a lot of practice still left to be had.

What are your presentation habits? Have you ever had anything go badly wrong in a presentation setting? Comment and let me know



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