Obligatory New Year’s Resolution post (a 2015 without bacon?!)

Apologies for being Cliché here but this year I actually have a proper New Years resolution.

I am going to be giving up red meat, for health reasons. This isn’t guaranteed to make a huge difference however when I went to an info day earlier this year people said they cut out meat, gluten, wheat, caffeine and alcohol… some women said it made a huge difference and they have never felt better. However, there were also women there who said that it is best to cut one thing at a time and see what, if anything, makes a difference.

So I am starting with red meat. I have already cut down on caffeine, alcohol is going to be a tricky one to stick to if I am honest…especially seeing as I was given some lovely gin for Christmas. Gluten and Wheat are both sneaky ingredients however it is getting easier to shop smart with those things now. Red meat alone (if it works) may not be enough so it may mean I  try going veggie for a while too…

I was very lucky to get a signed Mary Berry ‘Cooks the perfect’ step by step recipe book for Christmas so I am hoping some of those creative recipes will help me find fun and interesting things to cook. I should also add that I’m not expecting my boyfriend, who I live with to stick to the same diet as me…which I may pay for later

So what’s the catch?

I naively thought that this would just mean cutting out beef and lamb and substituting with some other iron-rich foods (more research needs to go into this) HOWEVER I now also find out that it includes pork.

Bacon is pork.

Pork is bacon.

My followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook will see if I crack. I am going to try to make pancakes either tomorrow or on new years eve… I know there are people who sacrifice much more in their diets for health reasons but the bacon epiphany only came to me today. Have you struggled to stick to a new years resolution? Or something diet related? What are your tips? Leave me some comments


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