January’s lessons

I wanted my second post of the year to be about things I have realised or learned in the first month of the year. WHERE DID JANUARY GO?! I might look back on this later in the year to see whether I take heed or remember any of these lessons. Some of these may sound similar and you might think “Really? All of these things in a month?” but it’s true! A lot of these refer to specific situations I don’t feel like going into detail about but I hope they can help other people reflect about how fast time passes and how we should make the little lessons count…

A lot of this is going to sound SO hippy dippy…

New age philosophy major, I am not


People can surprise you

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that someone you thought you knew or perhaps someone you didn’t really know, then forgot about, can some how reappear and surprise you. I like to think I am a good judge of character but I love it when people prove me wrong…for the better I mean.  Give people a chance.

Love is blind

And people are stupid. I swear there is some kind of psychological theory that could explain why people are great at giving people advice about their relationships but when it comes to their own all logic goes out the window! (wow, did I sound angry there?) .. I am very guilty of having done this myself though soooo….

I may be quoting the fictional character House here but: “everybody lies”

Sometimes people lie for no good reason. Sometimes people lie to you and you feel like “OK, so you think I’m stupid?” but a lot of the time people lie to avoid admitting they are wrong or have made a mistake. I have to take this lesson and try and not take it personally sometimes.

Sometimes people would rather write things online than reach out to those closest to them but this can come in positive and negative forms

I have had to reassure students who are employed to help other students, that just because someone doesn’t want to meet in person doesn’t mean their messaging them online is any less valuable. Sometimes people are more articulate in the written form and sometimes people are shy. But it isn’t a reflection of the person who is there to help, or their ability.

On that note, give people a chance to grow. I can try and help but I must be patient

I can do my best to lend a hand or give advice but you can lead a horse to water…

 I am able to take awkward situations into my control and tackle difficult subjects with people I never thought I could do that with

As much as people can surprise me, I can also surprise myself in my ability to take on awkward conversations. I had to do this recently and took the time to step away from a situation that made me angry, breathe and then return to it. Taking the time to think was a great idea and definitely helped me deal with it better.

I can be positive after what feels like a long period of feeling negative

I was fairly worried when I encountered post Christmas blues recently. I thought “Really?! This is how I am going to start 2015?!” I knew the job search was looming and I got a couple of rejections early January but was able to shake it off and get on with things thanks to some great advice from my friends.

My body will sleep when it needs it, stressing about getting my 8 hours won’t help

On the theme of worrying and feeling bad my sleep hasn’t been great lately and I got myself worried that I wasn’t getting the 8 hours we’re meant to have. I know a lot of people who don’t and still function. Yes my body is rubbish and I suffer with fatigue but I need to resign myself to the fact my body will sleep when it needs it.

For every idiot you encounter there is another, awesome person who will come in and restore your faith in humanity

This sounds very similar to the first point “people can surprise you” but recently I had a conversation with someone who restored my faith in my ability to write. I have come close to closing this blog more than once and now thanks to her, I think I will try my best to keep it going as long as I can.

Be OK with not knowing all the answers, to questions or with regards to life plans / let things play out

Lots of people keep asking what I will do when my current role comes to an end. I have now officially put teaching (in Schools at least) as an option to one side and I am looking for my next opportunity. I feel a little flustered when I think about my next steps and when people ask “so what do you want to DO?” and I don’t know the answer I need to be OK with that. There is a common misconception that is ingrained into people’s minds from a young age that you need to know what you’re doing, truth it, no one does.

If you’ve made it to the end of this post – great! Apologies if it has read a little like a really bad self help book. But if you liked it maybe you’d like this book I have been flicking through. 


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