I might not get better, but I will use my voice.

This post articulates what so many people struggle with. Take time today to speak to someone and ask them how they are. See also: http://t.co/3dQWB7tY9x

Ramble, ramble, rant.

is my voodoo working?

Today, February 5th 2015, Time to Change (http://www.time-to-change.org.uk) are urging people to take just 5 minutes, use their voices, and talk about mental health. This will also require people to listen. I do not need to reiterate how much of a proponent I am of listening to those around you. However, I will outwardly admit, as I did in my previous post, that when I am not hiding behind a keyboard, I find it incredibly difficult to talk about how I feel. I can easily sit and type, but actually using my voice to articulate the stream of thoughts in my head is something I have not mastered very well.

I will not lie, this makes me feel hugely fraudulent when I write about the importance of addressing mental health issues. I also hasten to add that I am trying to challenge this. Just the other day, I made a fairly frank…

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