Thoughts before, during and after an interview

So back on the job search and I was lucky enough to get an interview with a VERY good institution. I didn’t leave feeling completely confident and so on the train home, going over and over in my head how it had all gone I decided to jot a few of my thoughts down.

This could potentially reveal a lot about my anxious mind set when it comes to looking for jobs…I may have exaggerated some of these and these thoughts may or may not come with GIFs…


Man I’m nervous, since when did my palms sweat this bad? I can’t shake hands with anyone like this.

Oh God, I’m early, better kill some time

I shouldn’t have had that coffee… I am PUMPED

OK, time to go… I could nail this/I’m pretty good.

I shouldn’t want it too much though, they will be able to tell if I want it too much

*waiting in reception* I am earlier than they asked me to be…I already look too keen

OH MY GOD I’m being greeted, pick up bag and look ready to go

*they’re not ready for me yet* I picked my bag up and looked like a total idiot. Poker face, officially gone.


*Has admin test to do* write two emails? Pffft, please! I’ve got this!

I have finished with 10 minutes to spare… could it really be this simple?

Re word that bit… no don’t …. no re word it

Maybe I should start over?

Re word that bit… no don’t… no do… no leave it

*Awkward conversation while we wait for panel to be ready*

They will see me now … OK breathe. There are four of them when they said there would be three?!

They all look super straight faced… this table is way too big for me to shake hands with them

My answers are way too long, better make them shorter

My answers are way too short now they are staring at me expectantly

Why didn’t I practice?!


I THINK I had the best rapport with the potential line manager, that’s a good thing right?

Oh God they thought I was stupid

I didn’t even get the chance to be enthusiastic about working with students!

I didn’t get it. I thought I would walk out of there like people in movies do walking away from explosions like “nailed it” … not so much

Now I am waiting to hear from them and in two minds about how I feel about it all…

No news is good news right?

I would have loved to have made this into a vlog but I am rubbish on camera and poor at editing…I’d also love to be able to give some advice about how to keep your cool, I use deep calm breathing (thank you yoga) but I think I need to avoid writing like I know it all… one thing I will share was that during the awkward conversation before the main interview the guy there shared some stories from when he was in recruitment where candidates let nerves get the better of them, safe to say there was no danger of me repeating what they had done. Wow. If you want to know more find me on twitter @eemaalou

I went to town on the GIFs in this post…sorry about that.




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