Baby’s first attempt at getting a promotion

So recently I made my first attempt at getting a promotion within the institution I work in. I have gone for roles in other places but there seemed to be more pressure attached to this one. Like I really needed to prove myself.

Having recently seen a few of my colleagues who had been here less than a year flourish and succeed in getting bigger and better things (YAAASS! SO PROUD!) I was beginning to feel a bit insecure. This is the longest I have been in a role and while I still enjoy it I have started to get itchy feet for a change of pace or scenery.

I didn’t succeed in getting the promotion and I thought it was due to a horrible interview. But no. It was because the panel didn’t think I was ready.

“BUT I AM READY!” I wanted to cry.

Unfortunately, feeling ready and having the necessary mindset to take up the challenge of a more responsible (and well paid) role are not the same thing. No matter how much I want them to be.

So although I left the interview hoping that I had only internally said “SHIT!” very loudly. And although I completely got the wrong end of the stick and thought I had messed up in terms of rapport. I think I am now in a good place to rack it up to experience or practice and look forward to things I DO have going for me, rather than dwelling on what could have been.

Looking forward

I am fortunate that my job is stable and I enjoy it so I am really grateful for that.  Instead of dwelling on not having got the new role as a failure I am planning things in and trying to think of ways to gain more of the skills that were missing from my application or interview. I made notes during my interview feedback conversation and take a lot of confidence away from that.

Onwards and upwards



Author: eemaa27

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