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Short people at gigs (1)

There are two things I love. Live music and Social media.

I think my love for social media/social networking may have got out of hand. I didn’t really use Twitter before this job, then I suddenly started using my personal account more, then I created one work account , then two and now three! But last night following a gig I felt compelled to create another one. Not work related, but one designed to get some engagement and solidarity going among people who are fed up of being unable to see at an event because someone is oblivious to the concept of personal space.

And thus Short people at gigs was born #shortatgigs

I apologise in advance to my tall friends, this isn’t meant to exclude or insult you. I also recognise that for some people their height may not be the reason they can’t see everything they would like to at a gig.

So to make it clear,  Short at Gigs isn’t just for people to moan about the huge guy who made it so that all you saw for most of the night was his sweaty back. (But yes do have a rant about that moron) It is also for people who want to applaud a venue for its accessibility. It’s also for people to thank the person who let them sit on their shoulders during their favorite song. Perhaps you made a friend with a fellow shorty because of your impeded view? Or you may want to thank that person who made your life a little bit easier when you went to see a band you like (shout out to the lady who helped me get water at the James gig last night!)

No one wants to be “that person” who, however politely you put it, asks someone to rethink where they have chosen to stand/stop elbowing you in the face. And lots of people turn to social media to vent. So! Share your experiences with us using #shortatgigs and follow us here

This was also partly inspired by Girls Against who you may have seen in the news recently. They fight to raise awareness of and prevent sexual assault at gigs. In contrast to the page I have set up, they are a much more serious group who are effecting real change.

So apart from that whole ‘pitch’ and request for follows, likes and retweets. I also wanted to write here about a couple of events I am looking forward to over the summer!

Great Escape Festival in Brighton This has to be my favorite festival to date. A great way to discover new music, see some bands you know and see lots of Brighton. One minute you’re in a tiny bar or pub listening to some tunes the next you’re watching a band in a ballroom! This will be the 2nd time I am going and I can’t wait!

Common People Festival in Southampton I am actually going this year! The common is a great place to get together and the line up this year looks really good. I’m only going for the day on Saturday and am sad I will miss out on Duran Duran on the Sunday!


Side note: Thank you also to my friend and colleague Vicki who helped me tweak my hashtagging ability 🙂 You can check out her facebook page here  where there is much costume, prop and prosthetic goodness for Cosplay, LARP, LRP, Theatre, Dance, etc.




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